What’s harpin protein ?

Harpin Protein is a new,safe and efficient “new concept” plant immune inducer.

It is a natural protein derived from microorganisms.Harpin protein are produced by the plant Glanz-negative pathogens. It is a major factor that can stimulate plant allergies, a new biological agent, which has a significant effect on plant disease resistance and promote plant growth.


Harpin Protein is different from the traditional mechanism of pesticides, fertilizers and fungicides.

It is based on the cellular signal transduction pathway, through change the traditional mechanism, as a kind of extracellular signal outside the plant cells, it can pass through the plant receptor (plant leaf receptors) to transduct signal, activates signal substances in plant cells, induces efficient expression of genes in plants, stimulates and enhances plant functional mechanisms and potentials (growth and development, systemic resistance, self-repair, nutrition delivery). But also improve the plant’s disease defense ability and growth capacity, can promote crop yield and quality at the same time, reduce the application of pesticide, fungicide and fertilizer.


“Harpin protein” is a multi-functional product integrating plant growth regulators, biological pesticides and bio-fertilizers.

The mechanism does not directly kill or inhibit the growth of pathogenic organisms, but to acieve efficacy by inducing the plant’s own inherent defense system and show the ultra-level expression of growth and development system, can greatly enhance the resistance ability of viruses, bacteria, fungi and many types of adverse environmental hazards.  At the same time, “harpin protein” can stimulate and promote plant growth and development, enhance the ability of plant absorption, improve fertilizer efficiency, significantly improve the plant yield and quality.

Harpin protein

Harpin protein