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How Bacillus mucilaginosus can Prevent drought in the summer?

When it comes to drought prevention,everyone thinks that they may need more watering.Now,there is a better way that we can use microbiological fertilizers like Bacillus mucilaginosus to prevent drought.

Soil acidification big disaster for crops and soil

The Harm of Soil acidification is very huge,it will let root stop grow,affect soil pH and activities of soil microorganisms.Even promotes the release and activation of toxic elements.

What’s key problems about soil?

What’s the key problem about soil? Soil hardening,imbalance of mineral nutrition ratio,Low organic matter content,Thinner plough layer,Soil acidification…Let’s go into these problems

Crop death is not terrible solving solution is the key!

The crop death is a phenomenon in which the entire crop wilts after infecting pathogens.It always caused by pathogens,excessive use of pesticides/fertilizers and up overwatered.

Dora Rootguard the Best Partner of Humic Acids

Dora Rootguard is the best partner of humic acid to make formulations.Effectively increase soil condition,prevent crops diseases and promote long-term growth.

The trend of Bacterial fertilizer is comming

China’s agriculture is facing unprecedented challenges.After deep analysis,many experts,scholars,and entrepreneurs have unanimously turned their attention to one product-Bacterial fertilizer.

Tomato picking in Dora tomato field

On 12th, May, Suzhou Dora Agri-Tech Co.,Ltd has lunched tomato picking activity.

What’s harpin protein ?

Harpin Protein is a new,safe and efficient plant immune inducer.Multi-functional product integrating plant growth regulators,biological pesticides and bio-fertilizers.

How do soil microorganisms work on the environment?

Organic and inorganic pollutants have caused considerable damage to the environment,soil microorganisms can degrade or convert organic and inorganic pollutants to a certain extent, and contribute to the ecological health of the soil and the sustainable development of agriculture. 

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