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Case of Dora Rootguard used on strawberry

Cases of Dora Rooguard used on strawberry,Good effect on control plant dieases such as Powdery mildew,promote root growth and increase strawberry yields and quality eventually

What’s origin of microbial fertilizer

Microbial fertilizers are products that result in specific fertilizer effects on crops due to microbial life activities. They are selected from the soil and acclimated to microbes that can improve crop nutrition.

Dora Rootguard Field trial of alleviating soil salinity/improving yields

Dora Rootguard has good effect on alleviating soil salinity and increase crops yields and quality.Please check the field trial report.

What is Trichoderma harzianum ?

As a kind of biocontrol bacteria, Trichoderma harzianum can be used to prevent plant diseases caused by pathogenic bacteria such as Pythium, Rhizoctonia solani, Fusarium, Rhizopus, Haloxylon, Sclerotinia and Sclerotium.

The trend of Bacterial fertilizer is comming

China’s agriculture is facing unprecedented challenges.After deep analysis,many experts,scholars,and entrepreneurs have unanimously turned their attention to one product-Bacterial fertilizer.

Soil amendments? What’s the Main advantages of using organic fertilizer

The main advantage of using organic fertilizer is that it improves the overall structure of the soil itself (Soil amendments), which leads to healthier plants that grow larger and live longer.

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