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Tomato Root knot nematodes in your garden

Root knot nematodes are small eelworms living in soil and be plant parasites once they use tomato roots as their nurseries. Usually nematodes enter tomato roots through plant’s small injuries.

Good tips for Nematode control methods

At present, the most common nematode species in agricultural production are root-knot nematodes, cyst nematodes, root-rot nematodes…Among which root knot nematodes are most harmful. So there are some tips for Nematode control methods.

Why choose Paecilomyces lilacinus to control nematodes?

Paecilomyces lilacinus is a inhabiting bacteria in many roots in soil (Soil inhabiting bacteria refers to parasites that survive winters in the soil or on the residue of diseased plants, have strong saprogeny, and can survive long time in soil)

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