organic fertilizer

How Bacillus mucilaginosus can Prevent drought in the summer?

When it comes to drought prevention,everyone thinks that they may need more watering.Now,there is a better way that we can use microbiological fertilizers like Bacillus mucilaginosus to prevent drought.

Crop death is not terrible solving solution is the key!

The crop death is a phenomenon in which the entire crop wilts after infecting pathogens.It always caused by pathogens,excessive use of pesticides/fertilizers and up overwatered.

Dora Rootguard the Best Partner of Humic Acids

Dora Rootguard is the best partner of humic acid to make formulations.Effectively increase soil condition,prevent crops diseases and promote long-term growth.

Trichoderma’s Mechanism in Improving soil condition

Trichoderma’s Mechanism in Improving soil condition,such as how to Improve Soil Structure,Alleviate Soil Salinization and Reduce heavy metals and organic pollutants in soil.

Soil amendments? What’s the Main advantages of using organic fertilizer

The main advantage of using organic fertilizer is that it improves the overall structure of the soil itself (Soil amendments), which leads to healthier plants that grow larger and live longer.

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