control nematodes

Good tips for Nematode control methods

At present, the most common nematode species in agricultural production are root-knot nematodes, cyst nematodes, root-rot nematodes…Among which root knot nematodes are most harmful. So there are some tips for Nematode control methods.

How to solve the problem of soil deterioration and control nematodes infestation?

Many current orchards have serious soil pollution, lack of organic matter, reduced beneficial bacteria, destruction of microorganisms, and proliferation of nematodes.Face the problem of control nematodes.

Why we need to control nematodes

The number of nematodes in the soil is abundant and varied. Soil nematodes are widely distributed in all types of soils. The number of nematodes in different soil depths is different. In the 10-20 cm soil layer, soil nematodes distribute most.

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