Dora S-Abscisic acid CAS# 21293-29-8

Dora S-Abscisic acid is best known as a plant hormone. ABA functions in many plant developmental processes, such as increase color development, accelerate fruits earlier harvest,bud dormancy etc.

Product Description

Abscisic acid and ethylene, auxin, gibberellin, cytokinin tied for plant five hormones. Dora Abscisic acid is an new product with unique fermentation technology that can increase color development on fruits skin over a wide use period.

It also widely used on initiating fruits earlier harvest, increasing abiotic stress tolerance in crops and breaking dormancy for seeds…Dora Abscisic acid has better stability, placed two years under normal temperature.

And No toxicity, environment friendly!


Benefits of S-ABA


1.Excellent coloring effect on fruits

S-aba can stimulate the rapid accumalation of skin anthocyanin concentrations into the fruits skin to enhance the color development.

Most fruit growers use ethephon to improve color, but its effect on color development is erratic, and it may reduce berry firmness.

In comparison, S-aba has a more stable coloring effect and no toxicity, environment friendly!

S-aba used on grape


2.Accelerate fruits earlier harvest

S-Abscisic acid playing a important role in stomatal opening and closing,by closing stoma in leaves to stimulate ethylene production, urged fruit maturity. Make it earlier for market, achieve higher economic value.


3.Increase frutis yields and quality

Research shows that, in the early stage of seed and fruit development, exogenous ABA, can promote seed, fruit storage substances, is conducive to the accumulation of sugar and protein; ABA can also improve crop photosynthetic rate, can promote the product in the seed of accumulation, improve the seed setting rate;

ABA can also promote plant absorption moisture balance, fertilizer, ability in vivo metabolism of coordinated, effective regulation of plant root growth, vegetative growth and reproductive growth, to improve the quality of crops, production plays an important role.


4.Increase fruits stress tolerance

S-ABA is a “anti inducing factor” plant, re synthesis can be induced by certain enzymes, activate the immune system in plant resistance, can enhance plant cold resistance, drought resistance, salt tolerance and lodging resistance, antibacterial, antiviral ability.


5.Prolong seeds shelf life

S-ABA can inhibit the germination of seeds and sprouts, seeds available abscisic acid soaked and prevent the germination, and its effects are reversible, after washing, can be resumed the growth of seeds, and can therefore be used abscisic acid storage seed; also available ABA processing potato, to prolong the sleeping time, to ensure the tuber. Storage quality.




  • Appearance: White powder
  • Content: 90% / 95%
  • Loss on drying: ≤1.5%
  • Acid Value(H2SO4): ≤19.5%


Soluble in methanol, ethanol, acetone, chloroform, ethyl acetate and chloroform, insoluble in ether, benzene…

Water solubility of 3-5 g/L (20 ℃)


How to use S-ABA ?


  • Foliar Spray    
  • Root Irrigation

how to use S-aba

If need more application information, please feel free to contact us by email or whatsapp, our team are willing to provide our field experience with you.


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