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Dora RootGuard is the popular biocontrol solution on Soil micro-environment, Diseases control & Root system growth. It contains trichoderma spp, Bacillus series, organic matters and saccharides.

The brightest spotlight, it has the outstanding capacity for eliminating damaging fungal pathogens in soil, and form a nature defensive bond to Guard and stimulate your crop’s roots.

Product Description

General information

Dora RootGuard is the popular biocontrol solution on Soil Micro-environment, Diseases Control & Root System Growth. It contains trichoderma spp, Bacillus series, Organic matters and Saccharides.

Dora rootguard

The Brightest Spotlight, it has the outstanding capacity for eliminating damaging fungal pathogens in soil, and form a nature defensive bond to Guard and stimulate your crop’s roots.

Now they are used as bio-pesticides, bio-fertilizers, root growth stimulants and enhancers of plant resistance.

Application Mode: Foliar sprays, pre-planting applications to seed, post-pruning treatments, incorporation in the soil during seeding or transplant, watering by irrigation or applied as a root drench or dip.

Suitable Plants: Fields, Greenhouses, Nurseries, Horticultural Plants, Fruits, Trees and Ornamental Crops.

Apply trichoderma harzianum


Benefits of Rootguard

1. Improve Soil Condition

Outstanding soil adaptability in soil, control soil borne pathogenes and help soil build a stable granular structure, which is porous & full of nutrition and preserve moisture and fertility.

Improve soil problems such as soil salinization, hardening and acidification conditions. Reduce heavy metals & organic pollutants.  

Significantly improve soil micro-environment and fertility.

2. Bio Diseases Control

Trichoderma harzianum can eliminate damaging fungal pathogens, such as Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia, Pythium, Fusarium. It will form a nature defensive bond to “Guard” your crop’s roots.

After we used the Dora Rootguard, it will produce mycelia to grow along the roots, will forms a physical bond on the surface of plants root system, establishing itself in the rhizosphere(root zone) and protects the roots against soil-borne diseases.

3. Stimulate Root Growth

Trichoderma harzianum promotes crop growth in three main ways:

  • Control the fungus which causes root rot
  • Reduces the physical stress on the crop and makes it grow better
  • Secrete organic acids and natural growth hormones to promote the growth of crop roots system

Several research shows that trichoderma harzianum is one of the most effective microbes to colonise the roots.

4. Increase Plant Resistance Ability

Dora Rootguard is capable of systemically activating plant defence mechanisms. In actual use, it can increase the ability of the plant to against abiotic stresses such as drought, salinity, high temperature.


Mechanism of Action


1. Biocontrol Mechanism

The basic mechanisms for control & against pathogens diseases including Nutrient & Space CompetitionAntibiosisParasitism, Inducing host-plant Resistance.

biocontrol mechanism


2. Soil Remediation Mechanism

Soil remediation mechanism trichoderma



Dora Leading Production Technology

trichoderma liquid fermentation


Compared with solid fermentation with more contaminating microorganism and short survial time. Our microbes series used lastest technology of liquid fermentation, with the advantages of low contaminating microorganism rate and longer survial time.


Specification of Rootguard

1.Dora Rootguard Ⅰ: Trichoderma harzianum, Bacillus spp, Natural organic matters etc

2.Dora Rootguard Ⅱ: Trichoderma spp, Organic matters etc


How To Use Rootguard

Pre-blend Dora RootGuard into your soil mix at the time of planting or drench with Dora RootGuard immediately after planting.
This product can be applied by broadcast, hill dressing, drill fertilization, root-irrigation, Turn the soil after watering.
Dosage: 5-10KG/Ha Per time, Total 2-3 times


Field Trial of Dora Rootguard

Ps: Photos all from our customers.

1.Tomato test field with problem of seriously soil salinization. After Appyling Dora Rootguard, the salinity in soil pbviously reduce 36% and tomato’s quality and yields improved together.

Alleviate soil salinization on tomato farm.


2.Cucumber test field with the problem of yellow leaf diseases. Through contrast experiments, we can observed the Dora Rootguard well worked.

Trichoderma harzianum used on cucumber


Field Trial


MSDS -Dora Root Guard

Apply for sample

Ask a question


Q1: Do chemical fungicides kill the trichoderma fungus in this product?

Trichoderma can not mix with other fungicide to use together.


Q2: Will Dora Rootguard work in hydroponic gardening?

No effect,it only have effect in soil.No soil,no effect.


Q3: When to apply will reach best effect?

The effect of Dora Rootguard will be seen after 2 weeks, so you can apply before planting.


Q4: How about the duration of Trichoderma harzianum’s effect?

Usually it will lasts 3 months after applying.


Q5: Which fungal pathogens of root diseases of  plants can be controlled ?

Fungal Pathogens of Plant Disease: Cylindrocladium spp, Fusarium spp, Pythium spp, Pythium aphanidermatum, Phytopthera spp, Rhizoctonia spp, Thielaviopsis spp, Cylindrocladium spp ,Fusarium spp, Pythium spp, Pythium aphanidermatum,Phytopthera spp, Rhizoctonia spp, Thielaviopsis spp.



Hope these information will be helpful for you, any more other questions please do contact our technicist: [email protected]m



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  1. dora

    very good

  2. dora

    It have good effect on prevent powdery mildew on my rose.

  3. Matthew

    So far it’s good. Superme service by seller. It will be a few months before it is truly known how well it works.

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