Dora Bacillus Subtilis

Dora Bacillus Subtilis(100 billion) can be used as Microbial Fungicide and Biofertilizer,increase crops growth and stress/disease resistant.

Product Description

Bacillus subtilis, also known as the hay bacillus or grass bacillus. It’s prevalent in soils and has been found in variety of habitats worldwide. It presents in the spore form.


Due to the following characteristic of B. subtilis, it’s widely used in agriculture.


  • Eco-friendly Diseases management 
  • Stimulate plant growth 
  • Easily adaptation in various environmental conditions.


Bacillus subtilis can produce and release beneficial natural substances such as auxins, cytokinins and gibberellins to promote plant growth.
And B. subtilis also have many applications in plant protection against phytopathogenic attacks.It can not only act as microbial pesticide to control plant diseases, but also used as bio fertilizer, increase crop growth & yields.



Bacillus Subtilis for plants

1. Appearance:   Yellow Brown Powder

2. Spores count:   1*1011 CFU/G

dora bacillus subtilis


Application of Bacillus subtilis


As Microbial Pesticide


The bacillus subtilis is known to be antahonistic toward many plant pathogens.
This antagonism may be achieved in several ways including nutrient competition, site exclusion,colonization and attachment of the bacteria to the fungal pathogen.
In addition, Bacillus subtilis could induce plant’s natural systemic resistance or systemic acquired resistance(SAR) against various pathogens inculding bacteria, fungus and virus.

RM14P (3)


As Biological Fertilizer


  • Induce plant stress resistance
  • Promote root growth
  • Improve soil condition
  • Increase fertilizer use efficiency

Bacilis subtilis strawberry


RM14P (5)RM14P (6)

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