Dora Amino Chelates

Product Description

General Information

Dora Amino Chelates contains 18 amino acids as well as a variety of trace elements like zinc, copper, manganese,boron,etc. When chelated with amino acids, the trace elements can be absorbed more easily by plants, helping promoting chlorophyll formation, photosynthesis, blossom, fruit setting,etc




AppearanceBrown PowderMoisture≤5%
Amino acids25%Trace element≥10%



  • Promote root growth
  • Increase fruit setting rate
  • Enhance plant stress resistance ability
  • Improve yield and quality.
  • Correct micronutrient deficiency


Application Recommendation

Foliar spray at the rate of 1:800-1200 ,drip irragation at the rate of 400-600.use 3-4 times during the whole growing period.


                                                        Plant Nutrient Deficiency Chart






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