Dora Chitosan oligosaccharide

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Chitosan oligosaccharide

General inforamtion

Chitosan oligosaccharide is a low-molecular-weight product obtained by degradation of chitosan by lactate which has outstanding water-solubility and high biological activity, thus it can be easily absorbed and utilized by crops.

More environmental friendly, without any residue. Higher activity than normal chitosan oligosaccharide.

Chitosan oligosaccharide appearance


Specification of Cos


Compare to normal chitosan oligosaccharide


  • Molecular weight<1000, high activity
  • Excellent water solubility & excellent flowability
  • Obtained by degradation of chitosan by lactate


What’s advantages of Dora Chitosan oligosaccharide


1.Increase seed germination

It has the good effect on seed germination,after we applying on rye grass seed,its germination index increased 33.5% and vitality index increased 59.5%.

2.Increase plant resistance ability

Help crops improve anti-stress ability and disease resistance,increase crop tolerance to environmental stress such as drought, low temperature ,early frost.Increase root system develop and increase lateral roots number. And stimulate the resistance to soil borne disease including root-knot nematode.

3.Promote the growth of stems and leaves

Strengthen photosynthesis,increase photosynthetic rate and efficiency.After applying Chitosan oligosaccharide,The bine is erect, brawny, much more ramose , division department expand. Tall plant height, fat leaves and thick stalk.

4.Induce plant immunity for plant diseases

After applying chitosan oligosaccharide,by activating a plant’s immune system,it can maximize plant’s resistance ability. 

Cos control plant diseases


How to use Chitosan oligosaccharide  


Foliar spray: 50mg/L,Every 15-20 days for one time,Total 3-5 times.


General principles for the mixing of Cos with pesticides

1. Pay attention to the mixing sequence: first dilute the Cos product according to the usage instructions, then dilute the pesticide into the mother liquor, and finally pour the pesticide mother liquor into the Cos dilution. The order of compounding cannot be reversed.

2. Dilute it when it will be used


Know Chitosan oligosaccharide by one photo

Dora Chitosan oligosaccharide
Dora Chitosan oligosaccharide

Difference of CHT & CTS & COS

Difference of COS and CTS

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