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Product Description

Chitosan oligosaccharide supplier


Due to the high environmental risk of traditional chemical pesticides, Biological solutions for controlling plant diseases are highly recommend. Chitosan oligosaccharide is the biological control solution with the features of non-toxic, Bio-Degradable, suitable compatible.

Dora Sailor is a chitosan oligosaccharide formulation to activate plants’ resistance ability to diseases & stress. 

It contains chitosan oligosaccharide (enzymatic hydrolysis process), which has outstanding water-solubility, high biological activity, and easily absorbed utilized by crops.

For now, Dora Sailor are widely used on

Seed pretreatment – disease resistance, strengthen seedlings

Soil treatment – prevent harmful pathogens and nematodes, improve soil condition, stimulate roots growth

Foliar spraying – induce crops’ resilience to stress & diseases


Specification of Dora Cos

  1. Dora Sailor Powder………………≥90% Cos
  2. Dora Sailor Liquid………………..≥ 10% Cos

agriculture chitosan oligosaccharide product


Compare to normal chitosan oligosaccharide

  • Molecular Weight<1500, High activity
  • Excellent Water Solubility & Flowability
  • Enzymatic Hydrolysis Technology, Eco-friendly

Benefits of Dora Sailor

1. Increase seed germination

After seed treatment, it not only can improve seed vigor & germination rate but also can stimulate the seed’s immune & growth system to improve the disease-resistance & growth rate.

It has been proven that we apply on ryegrass seed, its germination index increased 33.5%, and the vitality index increased by 59.5%.

improve seed germination rate

2. Increase resistance ability to stress & diseases

For stress, it can induce plants’ general regulation of endogenous hormones.

  • Improve plant’s water-retaining capacity
  • increase the lodging/drought-resistance
  • Help the recovery of damaged plants

For diseases, it can thicken the plant’s cell walls and instantly induce defense reactions to various kinds of viruses, fungus, and bacteria.

chitosan oligosaccharide control plant diseases

3. Improve soil micro-environment

Control harmful nematodes  Apply Chitosan oligosaccharide in the soil is sufficient to control nematodes. Cos can stimulate the breeding of chitinolytic microbes to ruin the cuticle of nematodes eggs.

Increase the growth of plant-beneficial rhizobacteria. After applying Chitosan oligosaccharide, beneficial microbes can quickly prosper, and their activity stimulated. Great help to build a healthy soil micro-environment.

soil condition improve



How to use Chitosan oligosaccharide


Dora Sailor Powder 

Seed treatment: 5g for 100-200Ibs seeds   

Foliar spray: 25-50g/ha per time, total 3-5 times per season 

Water flush: 500g per 1000L water per hectare


Dora Sailor Liquid 

Seed treatment: 50ml for 100-200Ibs seeds   

Foliar spray: 200-500ml/ha per time, total 3-5 times per season 

Water flush: 2-4L per 1000L water per hectare


General principles for the mixing of Cos with pesticides

Pay attention to the mixing sequence: first, dilute the Cos product according to the usage instructions, then dilute the pesticides into the mother liquor, and finally pour the pesticide mother liquor into the Cos dilution. The order of compounding cannot be reversed.

Solubility Test

Production Department

Apply for sample

Difference of CHT & CTS & COS

Difference between chitin, chitosan & chitosan oligosaccharide ?


What is the difference between chitin, chitosan & chitosan oligosaccharide

Field Trial

Dora Sailor used on Tobacco.

chitosan oligosaccharide used on tobacco


chitosan on tobacco

After using Dora Sailor on tobacco, it has an excellent effect on the control of tobacco diseases. Especially the tobacco mosaic virus, the control efficiency reaches to 84.45%.

Besides, Cos also has outstanding effects on controlling tomato virus diseases, pepper virus disease, cotton wilt disease, rice blast disease, and other crop diseases.



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