Dora Amino 30 Liquid

Dora Amino 30 Liquid contains a mixture of amino acids,aim to help growers increase yields and quality.

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Product Description

Dora Amino 30 liquid

 General Information 

Dora Amino 30 liquid is amino acids liquid fertilizer containing many kinds of L-Amino acids to provide an instant energy boost during the whole stages of root system development, flowering and fruiting for all crops.

It derived from protein hydrolysates of vegetative origin using biological acid hydrolysis method.


Functions of different kinds of single L-amino acids for plants


Dora Amino 30 liquid

 Why choose Dora Amino 30 liquid ? 

Significantly helps increase the rate of photosynthesis enabling plants have a good performance during the whole growth period.

Help plants increase the uptake of micronutrients(e.g. Fe, Zn, Mn, Cu) because amino acids is a highly effective natural chelating 

It is also recommended as a 100% water soluble organic nitrogen fertilizer for fertigation (drip irrigation) and hydroponic irrigation systems.

Widely used as a foliar fertilizer in combination with water soluble fertilizers and almost all commercial plant protection agents to enhance their efficiency.


  • Plant growth promoter,Increases crop growth and yields.
  • Promotes the ripening and colouring process in fruit.
  • Improve the quality and shelf-life of fruit and vegetables.
  • Stimulate plant resistance to stress
  • Improves soil buffering capacity


 Field trial of Dora Amino 30 liquid 

Field trial of Dora Amino 30 liquid

 How to use Dora Amino 30 liquid ? 

Foliar Application : Mix 3- 5 ml Amino 30 Liquid in 1 L of water and spray.
Drip Irrigation : 2-3 L/ha
Suitable for application on cereals ,rice, beans, fibre crops, sugar crops, plantation crops, vegetables, fruits, flowers, orchards and ornamentals,etc.


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  1. dora

    it have good effect on increase yields 10-15%

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