Dora Rootguard the Best Partner of Humic Acids

   Dora Rootguard good partner of humic acids to make formulations   


 For the solution(Trichoderma harzianum + humic acids) 


Effectively increase soil condition,prevent crops diseases and promote long-term growth

Inhibite soil-borne diseases,prevent continuous cropping obstacles,improve yields effectively

Usage of chemical pesticides can be reduced significantly

One plus one is much greater than two (1+1>2)

Both of humic acids and trichoderma harzianum are environmental friendly and follow international trend in the field.


 Below are trial reports of Dora Rootguard + Humic acids applied on Cayenne Pepperannuum and Nectarine 

Before germination period,We apply humic acids with NPK(15-15-15) in soil.

Trichoderma harzianum + humic acids

Trichoderma harzianum + humic acidsTrichoderma harzianum + humic acids


    Conclusion of the solution(Trichoderma harzianum + humic acids)    


 Improve utilization rate of fertilizer,and reduce usage of chemical fertilizers.

Meanwhile,it promotes crops’ roots growth,improve soil structure and preserve moisture and fertility.

After application of Dora Rootguard,output increases 30%.

Peach tree height and fruit set rate increase significantly.Fruit size is larger than CK group,achieve one month earlier harvest.

Fruit color is redder than CK group.


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