What’s difference between early blight and late blight?

Early blight and late blight are important diseases on solanaceous vegetables.Although the names of the two diseases are only one word difference,some vegetable farmers do not know exactly about early blight and late blight.let’s read the article to know its difference.

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6 kinds most damaging dieases in watermelon growing

There are some disease during watermelon plantation,especially in the old melon area where continuous cropping.Recently,many farmers have consulted about the problems related to watermelon disease.Here we sort out watermelon disease identification and hope it is useful to everyone.

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What’s symptoms of powdery mildew on plants ?

Most of us are familiar with powdery mildew,from field to greenhouse,from vegetable garden to orchard garden.Once the crop is infected with powdery mildew,it is rapidly developed and difficult to remove, often causing serious problems.

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What’s origin of microbial fertilizer

Microbial fertilizers are products that result in specific fertilizer effects on crops due to microbial life activities. They are selected from the soil and acclimated to microbes that can improve crop nutrition.

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Good tips for Nematode control methods

At present, the most common nematode species in agricultural production are root-knot nematodes, cyst nematodes, root-rot nematodes…Among which root knot nematodes are most harmful. So there are some tips for Nematode control methods.

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How do soil microorganisms work on the environment?

Organic and inorganic pollutants have caused considerable damage to the environment,soil microorganisms can degrade or convert organic and inorganic pollutants to a certain extent, and contribute to the ecological health of the soil and the sustainable development of agriculture. 

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