How To Promote Root Growth

Promoting root growth is not hard. How to? Apply Essential Nutrients, Use root stimulant hormones & microbial biofertilizers and scientific management.

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2019 Best Orchid Fertilizer Guide For Growers

The keys to basic maintenance for orchids are sunlight and water. However, for orchid plants to truly perform well and bloom vigorously, suitable orchid fertilizers are essential. What Kind Of Orchid Fertilizer Are Essential Elements Fertilizer Nitrogen is essential for increased chlorophyll, which promotes proper leaf and stem development. Note, You’d better choose Ammoniacal Nitrogen

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What is crop rotation?

Crop rotation is a technique of organic farming that, as we know, its main objective is to obtain agricultural products free of any synthetic chemical element.

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Most Common Grapevine Diseases

There are more than 30 known grape diseases. Among them, sour rot, anthrax and powdery mildew are the most common diseases. If we know more about grape diseases, we can improve grape growing environment, promote grape yield and improve economic benefits.

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How to fix root rot ?

Root rot is a disease caused by fungi and the function of absorbing water and nutrients gradually weakens.Below is our experience of how to fix root rot.

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