Bacillus subtilis probiotic new bio fertilizer ?

Microbial fertilizers are more expensive than organic fertilizers because of the addition of biologically active bacteria! Therefore, the role of strains is the most important for microbial fertilizers. At present, the main microbial strains on the market are mainly Bacillus subtilis, so understanding the role of Bacillus subtilis is very important.

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How to control Root-knot Nematodes Disasters

How to control root-knot nematodes has become a prominent problem in production, and it’s difficult to eradicate. Its occurrence is increasing year by year. The outputloss is up to 30%-50%, and the seriousness is over 70%. 

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Calcium deficiency symptoms

When a plant is deficient in calcium, symptoms such as new roots, apical buds, and fruits that grow vigorously and young are first observed, and when it is light, the symptoms are withered and necrosis occurs.

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