What’s difference between early blight and late blight?

Early blight and late blight are important diseases on solanaceous vegetables.Although the names of the two diseases are only one word difference,some vegetable farmers do not know exactly about early blight and late blight.let’s read the article to know its difference.

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Why magnesium is essential for grape?

Magnesium’s effect  is essential for grape,it can be called “a large number of elements” for grapes,and the demand is simliar to phosphorus.Even the magnesium content of grape leaves is higher than that of phosphorus.

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6 kinds most damaging dieases in watermelon growing

There are some disease during watermelon plantation,especially in the old melon area where continuous cropping.Recently,many farmers have consulted about the problems related to watermelon disease.Here we sort out watermelon disease identification and hope it is useful to everyone.

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What’s the Crumb structure in soil?

Crumb structure is a type of soil structure in which the structural units or peds have a spheroidal or crumb shape.Crumb structure is often found in more porous than granular organo-mineral surface soil horizons,and provides optimal pore space for soil fertility.

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