How to fix root rot ?

Root rot is a disease caused by fungi and the function of absorbing water and nutrients gradually weakens.Below is our experience of how to fix root rot.

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What’s root rot ?

What’s root rot?Sometimes if a plant is overwatered,the leaves start to get dull and turn yellow it just doesn’t seem to recover afterwards.

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What is biofungicides?

Biofungicides products inhibit the energy production and interfere with biosynthesis of Pathogens.It have strong compatibility and low toxicity,stimulate plant growth.

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6 ways to stimulate plants root growth

Root growth is vital for plants growth.It’s responsible for the absorption of nutrients and water, as well as controlling the physiological activities of the aboveground organs.Below is six ways to help you protect and stimulate root growth.

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What’s difference between early blight and late blight?

Early blight and late blight are important diseases on solanaceous vegetables.Although the names of the two diseases are only one word difference,some vegetable farmers do not know exactly about early blight and late blight.let’s read the article to know its difference.

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