Advantages of humic acid in agriculture

Humic acid is a mixture of natural organic macromolecular compounds, which exists in all soils, plants and animals,and have been widely used in agricultural production in recent years due to their unique physiological functions. Features of using Humic acid Improved soil structure, prevents high water and nutrient losses in bad soils. Regulates the pH-value of

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Complement each other Chitosan & mycorrhiza

Chitosan is aimed to improving the soil living conditions against soil-borne pathogens. The mycorrhiza could live better under this good condition chitosan created. A study shows that chitinases could not affect the growth of mycorrhizal fungi

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How does Mycorrhiza work in agriculture

What’s the function of Mycorrhiza? 1,Expand the nutrient absorption surface of plants. 2,Increases the absorption of phosphorus by plants. 3,Produces auxin and enhance plant disease resistance

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Use of Chitosan oligosaccharide in agriculture

The mechanism is that plant can produce chitinase by absorbing Chitosan oligosaccharide to interact with pathogenic bacteria, inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria,make susceptible plants produce systemic resistance.

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