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Advice of Dora Biostimulants for Different Growth Stages

Advice of Dora Products for Different Growth Stages Seed Germination Dora Rootguard– Prevent Soil Borne Diseases Dora Sailor (Chitosan Oligosaccharide)– Stimulate Plant Resistance Ability Dora Fresoil– Soil Conditioner Dora Nemaxe– Prevent Root-knot Nematodes Seedling Period Dora Polytite– Supplement with trace elements Dora Sailor Chitosan Oligosaccharide– Stimulate Plant Resistance Ability Alginate Oligosaccharide– Stimulate Root Growth Dora Kelpreal– Increase Resistance Ability & Growth Promotion […]

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Soil Amendment

Dora Soil Amendments In view of the current situation of rapid population growth and increasingly scarce resources, it is necessary to use physical or chemical techniques to improve the soil to reach the optimum level. Through soil amendment, it will help to increase the quality and yield of agricultural production, and achieve sustainable development of

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Paecilomyces Lilacinus Products

Paecilomyces lilacinus is an endoparasitic fungus. It is an important natural enemy of some plant-parasitic nematodes. It can parasitize eggs and infect larvae and females. Reduce the harm caused by plant nematodes such as cyst nematodes and stem nematodes.

The microbial products on this page are intended solely for theoretical agricultural research purposes. At present, Dora Agri does not offer these products for sale, and the links with specification provided are for purchaser reference only. Should you have an interest in exploring our other bio-stimulant products, please proceed to home page.

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