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The role of microorganisms in ecological agriculture

Microorganisms in soil play an extremely important and irreplaceable role in the material transformation of agricultural ecosystems.

How do soil microorganisms work on the environment?

Organic and inorganic pollutants have caused considerable damage to the environment,soil microorganisms can degrade or convert organic and inorganic pollutants to a certain extent, and contribute to the ecological health of the soil and the sustainable development of agriculture. 

Why do microbial fertilizers use Bacillus subtilis?

Microbial fertilizers are more expensive than organic fertilizers because of the addition of biologically active bacteria! Therefore, the role of strains is the most important for microbial fertilizers. At present, the main microbial strains on the market are mainly Bacillus subtilis, so understanding the role of Bacillus subtilis is very important.

What do Microorganisms work in the soil?

There are many kinds of microorganisms in the soil, including bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes, algae and protozoa. Let’s know the effect of microbes in Microbes fertilizer.