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The role of microorganisms in ecological agriculture

Microorganisms in soil play an extremely important and irreplaceable role in the material transformation of agricultural ecosystems.

Why do microbial fertilizers use Bacillus subtilis?

Microbial fertilizers are more expensive than organic fertilizers because of the addition of biologically active bacteria! Therefore, the role of strains is the most important for microbial fertilizers. At present, the main microbial strains on the market are mainly Bacillus subtilis, so understanding the role of Bacillus subtilis is very important.

2018 April Marketing Report

April report of Dora Agritech and marketing information in China.

What do Microorganisms work in the soil?

There are many kinds of microorganisms in the soil, including bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes, algae and protozoa. Let’s know the effect of microbes in Microbes fertilizer.

Best intro of amino acids,humic acids,alginic acids,microbial fertilizers

This article is aimed to introduce the effect of amino acids,humic acids,alginic acids,microbial fertilizers,chitosan in production.

Application of Trichoderma harzianum in Agriculture

As a kind of biocontrol bacteria, Trichoderma harzianum can be used to prevent plant diseases caused by pathogenic bacteria such as Pythium, Rhizoctonia solani, Fusarium, Rhizopus, Haloxylon, Sclerotinia and Sclerotium.

Why we need to control nematodes

The number of nematodes in the soil is abundant and varied. Soil nematodes are widely distributed in all types of soils. The number of nematodes in different soil depths is different. In the 10-20 cm soil layer, soil nematodes distribute most.