Dora Amino 30 Liquid

Product Description


General Information

Amino 30 Liquid contains a mixture of amino acids derived from protein hydrolysates of vegetative origin using acid hydrolysis method.
It contains 17 L-Amino acids which can significantly promote protein synthesis, increase yield and improve quality.



Free Amino acids ≥30%(w/v)



Promote protein synthesis as it contains amino acids which act as building blocks
Increase yield and improve quality of crops.
Help plants enhance stress resistance.



Foliar Application : Mix 3- 5 ml Amino 30 Liquid in 1 L of water and spray.
Drip Irrigation : 2-3 L/ ha
Suitable for application on cereals ,rice, beans, fibre crops, sugar crops, plantation crops, vegetables, fruits, flowers, orchards and ornamentals,etc.


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