Suzhou Dora Agri-Tech Co., Ltd is a mainly supplier of innovative products and nutritional products for optimizing agricultural and animal production.
Suzhou Dora Agri-Tech is engaged in exporting Dora Brand products. Including biostimulants to supply plant nutrition, soil amendment to improve soil micro- environment, feed nutrition, enzymes to strengthen livestock health.
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  • New strict environmental compliance inspection in China

    New round of environmental compliance inspection of Chinese chemical industry starts; be alert to impact to plan global sourcing

  • Tomato picking in Dora tomato field

    On 12th, May, Suzhou Dora Agri-Tech Co.,Ltd has lunched tomato picking activity.

  • Spring outing for Bamboo park

    During our whole life, Most of things that we have done will not show effects immediately. It is like nature. Sow in spring, harvest in autumn. Time will prove all of our efforts. No matter big or small, All shows that Dora is trying our best to know more about you.